The Ultimate Guide to Building Habits That Stick: Strategies and Myths (Part 1)

Goals Personal Development

How’s that new habit going that you promised yourself you’d stick to? If you’re like me, maybe you’ve already fallen off the good-intentioned bandwagon on the road to a “new you.” Whoops. Building good habits is an essential part of healthy and intentional living, yet it’s the simple, everyday decisions that are the hardest to …

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How to be a Badass with Money: Building a Foundation for Financial Success

Career and Finance Personal Development

This week I want to talk about everyone’s favorite subject, money management! *crowd goes wild* In my early twenties, I remember thinking that I didn’t want or need that much money. I didn’t yearn for flashy things, so I would be fine, right? However as I went through life, I realized that the cost of …

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