Hey! Welcome to Badass Babe –

I’m so glad you found your way over here (it’s hard to get noticed in that jungle out there)!

My name is Bonnie Burton and this little space on the internet is where I share my stories and musings on this wild game we call “life.” I write about my lifestyle, gaming career, and personal development, in hopes of motivating other babes to live their most authentic “Level 10 Life”! I currently work in games in the greater Seattle area.

Badass Babe is a blog I started at the end of 2018 as a creative outlet to share my insights and experiences throughout my twenties, with the goal of inspiring others to reflect and create the life they want.

Here’s what I consider a “badass babe” and the pillars I want to live my life by. As always, it’s a process, but I hope this blog embodies these traits and pillars.

bad·ass babe

independent; confident; inquisitive; knowledgeable; optimistic; clever; considerate; charitable

A badass babe is someone who recognizes and chases after their full potential in life with tenacity. They work towards living an authentic “Level 10” life.

  1. If they can do it, you can do it.
  2. Opinions have no power over you.
  3. Make yourself proud.
  4. Get after it!

The Girl Behind the Blog: Bonnie B

Now, let me tell you a little bit about myself and my story…

I go by Bonnie B and I’m a twenty-something badass babe living near drizzly Seattle, WA. I work in the gaming industry – and before you ask – yes, I do pretty much play games for a living! Lucky me. You can learn more about my journey in the tech/gaming industry in this post.

I have a peculiar background which left me with a myriad of mismatched interests. I grew up competing in professional gaming tournaments (thanks to my older siblings), and have been interested in tech & gaming ever since I was young. After competing, I went on to attend gaming events around the country while going to college. After graduating, I moved out to Seattle, WA to work in the gaming industry – and well, here I am!

As for me, I really enjoy learning about other people, hearing their story, and viewing life through their lens. I love playing tennis or riding a horse under the bright blue sky on a summer day. I get excited about new beginnings, but with them comes a sense of sadness because it guarantees an ending. Traveling is my highest line item every single year and I don’t regret a thing! My head often gets so wrapped up in the future that I forget to make decisions in the present (whoops). I’m working towards my goals and who I want to be every day most days (Netflix binges still happen..)! I love to reflect, create, and share — and that’s exactly what I hope to do with this little space on the internet.